One Word

Paris. Syria. ISIS. Ferguson. Sandyhook. 9/11. Dachau.

It only takes one word to conjure up the darkest moments of our history, both present and past. With one word, we see blood and terror, hate and destruction, evil on the loose, and our seeming powerlessness against it. One word can be overwhelming, leaving us to shake our heads as we acknowledge the anguish, and then to walk away, our hands hanging limply at our sides, feeling useless.

One word.

God looked into the darkness and chaos of the universe before there was time and spoke a word: Light! God looked into the darkness and chaos of our world and our hearts and spoke a Word: Emmanuel! It only took one Word to banish the eternal power of the darkness; it only takes one Word to dispel the hopelessness and inevitability of this world’s destructive powers. One Word. God’s Word. God’s Word made flesh and dwelling among us.

And by faith we know that God’s Word will be the last Word.


Come, Lord Jesus.