Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry - Summer Camps!

It’s still below zero…but it’s time to start planning for SUMMER!


Spend time at Camp Hiawatha or Camp Vermilion this summer and you will have an experience of a lifetime!  It's a chance to try some new things, meet new friends, explore your creative side, learn team work, be silly, sing, laugh, and learn what it means to live as God's people in the world!

There are programs for all ages - a one day experience for those new to camp, a two night program for those not quite ready for a full week, and week-long programs for elementary, junior high, and senior high campers. No matter what option you choose, VLM works hard to make it an experience to remember.


VLM carefully selects staff in order to provide the best experience possible for each camper.  Their program also includes trained lifeguards, an on-site health care manager, and a kitchen staff that provides nutritious and yummy meals for hungry campers.  Everything they do is to help you see it truly is great to be alive in God's great northwoods!  Don't wait - register today and get ready for the best part of your summer!

You can find everything else you need to get informed and enroll right on the Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry (VLM) website. Make your plans ASAP to take advantage of “early bird” savings!

You can also find more information right here at Family of God Lutheran Church!



Unfortunately, we did not have enough people sign up for Day Camp this year, so we will not be attending. 

A unique opportunity will be available for youth this summer! Voyageur Lutheran Ministry (VLM) will be conducting a Day Camp, designed to introduce the Bible camping experience to the youth of our congregation. Day Camp is a unique blend of outdoor ministries and congregational ministry. The VLM staff brings to the week their own enthusiasm and leadership/teaching style which local volunteers enhance with similar gifts as well as knowledge of community needs and resources.  Together they make Day Camp and exciting and enriching experience.


When?:  July 24-28, 9am-3pm M-R, 9am-12pm F

Who?:  For youth who have completed K-5th grade

Cost?:  $25/student, $40/family

Download the registration form here! (as a PDF) or here! (as a MS Word [.docx] document)

Download the VLM health history form here! (as a PDF) or here! (as a MS Word [.docx] document)

Want to pay your registration fees online? Click here!

If you are interested in having your child(ren)/grandchildren participate in this Camp, please contact the church office at 218-724-9210, or coordinator Patti Alander at 218-391-6512 (texts accepted). Space is limited and we will be accepting applications until July 3, 2017.



  • Worship:  A time set aside twice a day for celebration and praise. The message will center on the theme of the day. The services contain songs, prayers, scripture readings, stories, and skits.
  • Bible Study:  Our weekly theme will be developed in small groups. Within these small groups, the children will learn several Bible stories and their messages, which relate to the overall focus for the week.
  • Recreation:  Games are played not only for the sake of playing games, but are also used to build community among the Day Campers.
  • Snack & Lunch:  These times in the Day Camp day not only provide nourishment and refreshment, also the chance for informal fellowship between staff, campers, and volunteers.
  • Arts & Craft:  A time for campers to be creative and learn about the day’s study in a different way. Craft also provide a way to share the Day Camp experience with family and friends.
  • Quiet Time:  This is an important time of the day for rest and quiet activities. Activities during this time may include stories, videos or quiet game.

For more information about the program and Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry, go to

Vacation Bible School is coming!!!


Family of God Lutheran Church in Duluth, with the help of Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry, is excited to offer Vacation Bible School (VBS) for youth this summer!

When?:  August 8-12, 9:00am - 3:00pm each day

Who?:  For youth who have completed K-6th grade

Cost?:  $25/student, $40/family

Download the registration form here! (as a PDF) or here! (as a MS Word [.docx] document)

Want to pay your registration fees online? Click here!

A "Kick-off" Ice Cream Social will be held on the evening of Sunday, August 7 (time TBD) at Family of God.

For more information or to register, please contact Patti Alander (218-391-6512), or Pam Carroll in the church office (218-724-9210), or email the church at


For more information about the program and Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry, go to

Rise Up and Tee Up!

Golf event – Sunday June 14th 12:30 PM at Lester Park.

This is just for fun, and no experience is required. Bring the whole family! The purpose is to have some fun together and to support our youth who are attending the National Youth Gathering in Detroit this coming July.

Cost is green fee for 9 holes and a donation t the youth trip (suggest $15 for adults and $5 for kids)

Picnic will follow!