The Longest Night: A Blue Christmas Service

- Wednesday, December 21, 2016 -
- 7:00 PM -
- Family of God Lutheran Church -

The holiday season is hard for some of us.
You are not alone.
Join us for a different kind of service:

  • of loss
  • of comfort
  • of healing

Every year, there are some among us who, for one reason or another, simply cannot enter into the joy of the Christmas season. It could be many things: mourning someone who has died or who may die soon, coping with the aftermath of divorce, job loss, sickness—any of the different unfortunate and tragic circumstances the life sometimes serves up. Christmas parties and caroling are the last things some of us want.

The Longest Night Service (or it sometimes called The Blue Christmas Service) is a way to acknowledge this reality, while still recognizing that part of the reason for Jesus' coming was to bring hope and comfort, to heal the sick, to seek the lost, to restore the broken and broken-hearted. Once again we are offering a quiet, meditative worship service that makes time for remembering, sharing our hurting places with God, and preparing our hearts for the coming of Christ.

You are invited to come for time set apart for tranquil worship: prayer, music, Scripture, lament and reaching toward the Light. Let it be for you a respite from the world’s assumptions that everyone is celebrating.

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